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The state of Arizona takes sex charges very seriously. Prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions and courts impose severe penalties.

If you have been charged with statutory rape, sexual conduct with a minor or another sex crime in Arizona, you must seek a Phoenix statutory rape attorney immediately.

Cates Law Group, PLLC are highly experienced in the defense of statutory rape and other sex crimes. We are aggressive, knowledgeable and determined to prevail for our clients. We will work energetically to defend your rights and freedom.

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Aggressive Defense of Sex Charges

In taking your case, Cates Law Group, PLLC will begin the defense effort immediately. We will review the evidence against you and if possible develop additional evidence to aid in your defense.

Our firm has a strong record of success in cases involving Phoenix statutory rape, sexual conduct with a minor, sexual assault and other sex charges. In your case, we will do everything possible to obtain a positive outcome for you.

The Phoenix firm of Cates Law Group, PLLC will aggressively defend your rights and freedom.

Important — if you are under investigation for having sex with a minor or another sex crime, you should obtain a defense lawyer as soon as possible. Representation during an investigation can provide many benefits.

Key Issues in the Defense of Statutory Rape Charges in Arizona

Generally speaking, the willingness of the alleged victim is not a defense to a statutory rape charge. Knowledge of the age of the alleged victim is a key issue. This is a fairly complicated matter of law, because it involves more than just the statements made to you regarding the age of the alleged victim. Depending on the exact circumstances of the case, an experienced attorney may be able to use this factor as the basis for a successful defense of statutory rape charge.

Dwane M. Cates has comprehensive knowledge of the law regarding these issues. We will carefully investigate every aspect of your case, and work to build a strong defense for you.

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