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If you have been accused of or charged with sexual abuse, do not face the legal system alone. A conviction for criminal sexual misconduct carries serious penalties in Arizona, and the penalties increase if you are found guilty of sexual abuse of a minor. You need a strong and effective Phoenix sexual abuse attorney on your side.

At Cates Law Group, PLLC, we are a criminal defense firm with many years of experience representing people accused of sex crimes, including sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault. We are knowledgeable in the law and are determined to prevail in your case. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome, whether that is preventing criminal charges, negotiating a plea bargain, or receiving an acquittal at trial.

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Often times in sex crime cases, the notion of innocent until proven guilty seems not to apply. It can be easy for friends, family, police and prosecutors to be convinced of your guilt, regardless of charges being filed or not. Our sexual abuse attorneys will not pass judgements. We will simply provide the defense you are entitled to by law.

Defending Sexual Abuse Charges in Phoenix

Successfully defending sexual abuse charges requires determination, commitment and a willingness to stand up against the prosecution. Our Phoenix sexual abuse lawyers have these qualities at every stage of your case. We challenge procedural errors made by the police and any evidence that was obtained by violating our clients’ rights. We also conduct our own investigation to gather evidence in support of your position. If involved early enough in the case, our efforts may lead to a dismissal of the charges.

Some of our recent successes in sexual abuse cases are:

  • Client was charged with sexual abuse— jury verdict “not guilty”
  • Client was falsely accused of child abuse — no charges filed

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