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Indecent exposure is usually a misdemeanor crime, unless the alleged exposure was made toward a person under the age of fifteen, then it becomes a class 6 felony. Even misdemeanor indecent exposure can have serious consequences. Since it can be an embarrassment and a conviction on your record can harm your career prospects, you should consult a Phoenix indecent exposure lawyer immediately.

Don’t let one foolish act cloud your future. One simple mistake can turn into a much larger problem if you don’t deal with it appropriately. You will want to seek proper representation for your indecent exposure case. This could really make a difference for your future.

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Indecent Exposure Charges in Arizona

Under the law, a person commits indecent exposure if a man or woman exposes his or her genitals or anus or if a woman exposes the areola or nipple to another person. Certain other conditions apply. Public exposure that is viewed as reckless or intentionally provocative can result in an indecent exposure charge. Even a seemingly harmless prank such as mooning another person or urinating in public can lead to a indecent exposure charge in Phoeniz.

Our attorneys will carefully examine the facts of your case to see if it indeed meets the requirements of the law regarding indecent exposure. Based on this analysis, it may be possible to obtain a dismissal of the charge or get it reduced to a lesser charge.

Negotiating a Lesser Charge

With proper legal representation, it is often possible to persuade a prosecutor to reduce a misdemeanor indecent exposure charge to charge of a non-sexual nature, such as disorderly conduct. While you may still have to pay a small fine or perform community service, you can avoid the stigma of a conviction for indecent exposure.

Cates Law Group, PLLC has successfully represented many people accused of indecent exposure. In your case, we will work to obtain a favorable outcome — one that minimizes the penalties you incur and enables you to put the event behind you.

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