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Have you been arrested for or charged with a dangerous sex crime against a child? Get legal representation now! If your charge falls under Arizona’s dangerous crimes against children statute 13-705, you will face serious criminal penalties, including a mandatory prison sentence and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

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Our firm defends people accused of all types of dangerous crimes against children, including:

A Strong Defense Against Sex Crime Penalties

A person charged with committing a sex crime against a child faces increased penalties. For example, sexual assault is a class 2 felony and punishable with a lifetime prison sentence.

Despite the severity of these charges, there are defenses available. Knowledge of the age of the alleged victim can be a key issue. In general, the dangerous crimes against children statute only applies to crimes committed against children under the age of 15. Additionally, the police may lack enough evidence to have probable cause for the investigation or arrest. Inadmissible evidence and questionable evidence are also key. The prosecution has the burden of proof. Significant changes in a child’s testimony, or if there is reason to believe a parent or family member is prompting a child to say certain things, could be grounds for dropping the charges.

Sex crimes against children are sensitive cases that require a thorough knowledge of the law and the ability to look beyond the initial accusation. Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC, has a record of success in reducing or dropping the charges against clients who were wrongfully charged under the dangerous crimes statute. We will work with the same energy and determination to obtain a successful outcome for you.

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