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Child molestation is taken seriously in Arizona. If you are charged with this sex crime, you face possible prison time and lifetime registration as a sex offender. In addition to the criminal penalties, even an accusation of molesting a child can turn your family, your employer, and society against you.

If you have been arrested for child molestation in Phoenix, you need a strong and experienced defense attorney on your side.

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Experienced Child Molestation Defense Attorneys You Can Trust

Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC, is an experienced and aggressive criminal defense firm, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our firm has represented people charged with all types of sex crimes, including child molestation and sexual abuse of a minor.

Our attorneys are skilled in protecting the rights and freedom of our clients, using all possible defenses. These include filing motions to suppress and motions to dismiss evidence when it was obtained by violating our clients’ rights. When possible, we call upon DNA and forensic experts to counter the prosecution’s case. Additionally, we are skilled negotiators who will work with prosecutors to lessen the charge if that will lead to the most favorable outcome.

Our experience, knowledge of the law and skill in maximizing defense strategies has led to several successes in child molestation cases. Here are a few of our recent results:

  • Client was falsely accused of child molestation, facing life in prison. Our firm was able to prevent charges from being filed.
  • Client was accused of child molestation and kidnapping, facing life in prison. Our firm successfully negotiated a plea, and the client only spent one year in jail.
  • Client was charged with six counts of child molestation, facing more than 100 years in prison. We successfully negotiated a plea bargain, reducing the prison sentence to six years.

We will defend you with the same determination and energy as we did in past child molestation cases. We build an effective defense to protect your rights and freedom.

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